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Press Releases - 2023

18 Dec
2022-23 NT Annual Debt Report (2,189kb)

07 Dec
Media Statement: 1st Quarter Section 71 Publication (378kb)

02 Dec
Media Advisory: Navigating Administrative Data Access (370kb)

01 Dec
Media Statement: Transnet Support Package (329kb)

29 Nov
Media Statement: Local Government Adopted Operating and Capital Budgets for 2023-24 MTREF (951kb)
Media Statement: Progress in Addressing Technical Compliance Deficiencies in South Africas Ati-Money Laundering System (464kb)

27 Nov
Media Statement: Appointment of MS Eileen Meyer as Chair of the Ombud Council Board of Directors (241kb)
Media Statement: Publication of the Financial Inclusion Policy Paper (354kb)
2023 Comments Response Document (1,742kb)
An Inclusive Financial Sector For All 2023 (4,495kb)

24 Nov
Media Statement: Inaugural Rand-Denominated Sukuk Senior Unsecured Shariah Trust Certificates (276kb)
Media Statement: Misconduct Relating to Currency Trading (253kb)

21 Nov
Media Statement: Bilateral Loan Agreements with the World Bank, KfW and AfDB (348kb)

20 Nov
FAQ Enhanced Renewable Energy Incentive for Businesses (575kb)

03 Nov
Media Statement: Invitation to Submit Technical Annexure C Tax Proposals for the 2024 Budget (363kb)

01 Nov
National Treasury’s Global Investor call and non-deal domestic roadshow post 2023 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) (361kb)

27 Oct
Draft Response Document on 2023 Tax Bills 25 Oct 2023 (1,197kb)
SCOF Response Slides 25 October 2023 (767kb)

10 Oct
Media Statement: Eskom Municipal Debt Relief Support Programme Date for Submissions Extended (267kb)

02 Oct
Media Statement: Minister of Finance Meeting with PSC Leadership (202kb)

29 Sept
Media statement: Appointments Made in Key Senior Positions (355kb)

19 Sept
2023 3rd Public Finance Management Conference Invitation

11 Sept
Media Advisory: Medium Term Budget Policy Statement Date (184kb)

07 Sept
Media Advisory: Public Financial Management (PFM) Conference (362kb)

04 Sept
Media Statement: Appointment of adv Pieter Smit as the Acting FIC Director (204kb)

31 Aug
Financial Recovery Plan (FRP) for the Mangaung Municipality

29 Aug
Media Statement: Q4 Local Government Revenue & Expenditure Report (521kb)
Annexure A - Q4 Local Government Revenue & Expenditure Report (1,300kb)

22 Aug
Media Statement: Joint NT SARB Press Statement on BRICS Joint FMCBG Statement (113kb)
Media Statement: BRICS Joint Finance Ninisters and Central Bank Governors Statement (171kb)

08 Aug
Media Statement: Energy Bounce Back Loan Guarantee Scheme (333kb)
Energy Bounce Back Scheme FAQs (586kb)

31 Jul
Retail Savings Bonds Top Up Bond updates
Media Advisory: MSWSA Launch 2023 (207kb)

28 Jul
Media Statement: Appointment of Mr Naheem Ebrahim Essop as Deputy Pension Funds Adjudicator (159kb)

17 Jul
Media Statement: Government's response to Fitch Ratings (278kb)

30 Jun
Media statement: Tax Ombud Appointment (289kb)

14 Jun
Media advisory: SEAD-SA Launch (258kb)
SEADsa Launch Poster (1,140kb)

21 Jun
Media Advisory: SA-TIED Policy Debate (163kb)

20 Jun
Media Statement: SEADsa launch (368kb)

12 Jun
Media Statement: Q3 Local Government Revenue & Expenditure Report (979kb)
Annexure A: Media Statement - 12 June 2023 (1,076kb)

09 Jun
Media Statement: Publication of the Draft Legislation for the Two-Pot Retirement System for Public Comment (416kb)
Draft Revenue Administration and Pension Laws Amendment Bill - 9 June 2023 (429kb)
Draft Revenue Laws Amendment Bill (278kb)
Draft Memo on objects of 2023 Draft Revenue Administration and Pension Laws Amendment Bill - 9 June 2023 (133kb)
Draft Explanatory Memorandum on the 2023 Draft Revenue Laws Amendment Bill (226kb)

07 Jun
Media Statement: Eskom Holdings Exemption (454kb)

06 Jun
Media Statement: 2023 IMF Article IV Staff Report on SA (378kb)

01 Jun
Media Statement: 2023 Money Smart Week SA (190kb)

16 May
Media statement: Demarcation Regulations 2023 (126kb)
Annexure A: Regulation 7.2(2) (LTIA) (61kb)
Annexure B: Regulation 7.2(2) (STIA) (64kb)

12 May
Media Advisory: Executive Leadership ProgrammeExplanatory Note on the Eskom Debt Settlement Arrangement (247kb)

08 May
Explanatory Note on the Eskom Debt Settlement Arrangement (271kb)

03 May
MFMA Circular No. 124: Municipal Debt Relief (490kb)
Municipal Debt Relief Fact Sheet 03 May 2023 (921kb)
Municipal Debt Relief PPT (2,116kb)

20 Apr
Response to SABC interview with The Speaker of The Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (276kb)

11 Apr
PFMA Proposed Eskom Exemption - Correction of Comment Period Date (168kb)

06 Apr
Withdrawal of Exemption in Terms of Section 92 and Invitation for Public Comment - Eskom Holdings (197kb)

05 Apr
Media Statement: Eskom Holdings Exemption (327kb)
Eskom's Partial Exemption Section 55(2)(b)(i) 05 April 2023 (6912kb)

04 Apr
Media statement: 2023 Public Sector Coordinated Bargaining Council Outcome (310kb)

03 Apr
Media Statement: Eskom Holdings Exemption (328kb)
Gazette Partial Exemption in terms of section 55(2)(b)(i) (562kb)
Eskom Chairman letter to MoF (225kb)
MoF letter to Eskom (98kb)

31 Mar
Media statement: 2023 Public Sector Coordinated Bargaining Council Outcome (310kb)

22 Mar
Media statement: 2023 IMF Article IV consultation with South Africa (354kb)
South Africa - Staff Concluding Statement of the 2023 Article IV Mission (220kb)

13 Mar
Media Statement: Q2 Local Government Revenue and Expenditure Report (1,810kb)

08 Mar
Media Statement: Government's Response to S&P Global Ratings (259kb)

24 Feb
FATF Grey Listing Fact Sheet (Updated) (806kb)
Media Statement: Response to FATF (366kb)

20 Feb
Media Statement: Global Investor Call Post 2023 Budget (360kb)

01 Feb
Media Advisory: 2023 Budget Tips (208kb)
Media Advisory: Budget 2023 Lock-Up Registration (234kb)

30 Jan
Media Statement: Financial Recovery Plan - Enoch Mgijima (2,553kb)
FRP Implementation Plan Rescue and Stabilisation Phases - Enoch Mgijima LM (172kb)

26 Jan
Media Statement: Minister Godongwana's meeting with EU Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen (710kb)
Media Statement: United States-South Africa Task Force to focus on disrupting financial flows related to illegal wildlife trade (172kb)
Media Statement: South Africa's Minister of Finance Enoch Godongwana on the Visit to the Country by US Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen (289kb)

25 Jan
Media Statement: SA Participation WEF at 2023 Annual Meeting (639kb)

23 Jan
Media Statement: NT Annual Report Fdf" class="BasicText" >Media Statement: Ombud Council Appointments (157kb)

18 Jan
Media Statement: Ombud Council Appointments (158kb)

17 Jan
Media Statement: Investor Engagements Closed Period (214kb)

16 Jan
Statement on the Publication of the 2022 Tax Acts and Accompanying Documentation

06 Jan
Media Statement: Enactment of Key Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Terror Financing Laws (570kb)
Media Statement: Three Month Extension of Prof. Thabo Legwaila’s Term as Acting Tax Ombud (719kb)

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