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National Assembly (NA) - Minister's responses to Questions

2010 Fifa World Cup
Reply to PQ 1116 [NW1268E] - Whether the construction of stadiums and related infrastructure for 2010 Fifa soccer tournament has been concluded within budget (12kb)

Assets and Liability Management
Reply to PQ 722 [NW849E] - Whether the coordination of the Development Finance Institutions in contributing to the estimated funding gap for infrastructure projects is being achieved (70kb)
Reply to PQ 722 [NW849E] - Investment vehicle to be offered by government into which a pecentage of pension fund assets should be invested (8kb)
Reply to PQ 950 [NW1091E] - What progress has been made with regard to forensic report on corruption in the Land Bank (kb)
Reply to PQ 1306 [NW1535E] - When last time Government had no national debt (49kb)
Reply to PQ 1275 [NW1434E] - World Bank Loan to Eskom (68kb)

Budget Office
Reply to PQ 170 [NW180E] - Government Task Team to Effect Savings (12kb)

Corporate Services
Reply to PQ 429 [NW503E] - Vehicles aircraft and properties owned by National Treasury (12kb)
Reply to PQ 789 [NW920E] - What measures are in place in the NT to reduce waste of government funds through cancelling reservations (10kb)
Reply to PQ 1538 [NW1794E] - Entities, in particular, Government Business Enterprises (78kb)
Reply to PQ 1614 [NW1877E] - Any Forensic audits into the National Treasury's administration or the administration of its entities (1,394kb)
Reply to PQ 1713 [NW1979E] - Whether the National Treasury or any of its entities has signed any contractual agreements with certain companies (45kb)
Reply to PQ 1746 [NW2012E] - What were the start and end date of tenure in office (51kb)
Reply to PQ 2069 [NW2468E] - Qualifications and Experience of staff for local government budget monitoring and analysis (75kb)
Reply to PQ 2400 [NW2969E] - Whether (a) the National Treasury or (b) any of its entities has signed any contractual agreements with a certain company (44kb)
Reply to PQ 2503 [NW3081E] - Revised policy on entertainment travel and subsidy (44kb)
Reply to PQ 3194 [NW4004E] - Time frame or deadline for implementation of the electronic signature system design (49kb)
Reply to PQ 3213 [NW4027E] - Total cost and number of copies of each annual report and strategic plans produced (58kb)
Reply to PQ 3457 [ NW4292E] - How many employees of NT and its Entities who are on level 11 salary scale and above have been suspended with full pay (88kb)
Reply to PQ 3457 [ NW4292E] - Annexure C - Land Bank Spreadsheet (201kb)
Reply to PQ 3505 [NW4344E] - Whether NT and its Entities provided any financial support to NYDA for the World Festival of Youth and Students (58kb)

Economic Policy
Reply to PQ 133 [NW141E] - Changes in the Shareholding Structure of SA Reserve Bank (11kb)
Reply to PQ 302 [NW319E] - Calculate value of private shares of the SA Reserve Bank (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1136 [NW1293E] - Whether NTwill support the macro-economic and fiscal implications of IPAP2 (51kb)
Reply to PQ 1774 [NW2040E] - Contigency plan to deal with empending risk of a global financial meltdown (65kb)
Reply to PQ 1807 [NW2083] - Subsidy to employers hiring young people without work experience (46kb)
Reply to PQ 2166 [NW2606E] - Contigency Plans to enable the economy to weather and mitigate double dip recession (58kb)
Reply to PQ 2541 [NW3163E] - Whether the Country is on track to meet his projected growth of 7% GDP (51kb)

Financial Intelligence Centre
Reply to PQ 821 [NW954E] - Whether FIC has monitored the implementation of the Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1156 [NW1314E] - Whether any measures are in place to prohibit laundered money from entering South Africa (50kb)
Reply to PQ 1525 [NW1781E] - Whether any transactions have been reported to FIC since January 2009 (59kb)

Government Employee Pension Fund
Reply to PQ 1212 [NW1371E] - Last actuarial evaluation conducted of the Governmet Employees Pension Fund (11kb)

Intergovernmental Relations
Reply to PQ 375 [NW447E] - Whether any money from the general fuel levy was transferred to municipal councils (12kb)
Reply to PQ 761 [NW893E] - Whether any provinces have overspent their 2009-10 budgets (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1263 [NW1422E] - Whether NT has considered any proposals regarding the establishment of a dedicated road maintenance fund (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1401 [NW1640E] - Increasing the income tax to subsidise rates payable to in local authorities (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1452 [NW1703E] - Whether National Treasury approved any overdraft facility for any provincial health department (kb)
Reply to PQ 1517 [NW1773E] - Minmec Resolution that instructs accounting officers to perform functions that have financial implications (45kb)
Reply to PQ 1590 [NW1852E] - Whether each province has its own funding allocation model for their respective health departments (55kb)
Reply to PQ 1869 [NW2162E] - Proposals of the Department of Transport on nationwide quality audit of municipal road network (48kb)
Reply to PQ 2829 [NW3618E] - Whether the National Treasury will bail out the provincial health departments (55kb)
Reply to PQ 2936 [NW36226E] - Debts incurred by municipalitites (71kb)
Reply to PQ 3364 [NW4194E] - Quantum of underspending by municipalitites on their budgets (55kb)

Office of the Accountant-General
Reply to PQ 132 [NW140E] - Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (10kb)
Reply to PQ 249 [CW320E] - Circumstances in which municipalities may grant (i) bursaries, (ii) scholarships or (iii) study loans to (aa) municipal councillors or (bb) relatives of municipal councillors (63kb)
Reply to PQ 571 [NW686E] - Limit on amount spent per annual report and guidelines on financial and performance data (10kb)
Reply to PQ 619 [NW743E] - Providing support additional administrative support to municipalities in distress (12kb)
Reply to PQ 908 [NW1052E] - Preventative measures to ensure that departments do not waste money (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1218 [NW1377E] - Why is it necessary for special trainers to register with departments, entities and institutions of higher learning (9kb)
Reply to PQ 3378 [NW4212E] - Introducing any amendments to PFMA and Statement on the risk inherent in any department or entity extending contracts (54kb)

Public Finance
Reply to PQ 639 [NW764E] - Whether the money provided to Home Affairs for smart card has been returned after the process was stopped by SITA (9kb)
Reply to PQ 823 [NW956E] - Whether his department has verified the figures and accuracy of the projected cost for OSD (12kb)
Reply to PQ 1257 [NW1416E] - Whether SA Weather Service has sought permission from National Treasury to share revenue (49kb)
Reply to PQ 1360 [NW1596E] - Wage subsidy for first-time employees (44kb)
Reply to PQ 2937 [NW3627E] - Financial Modelling for NHI (77kb)
Reply to PQ 3257 [NW4073E] - Public-private partnerships (48kb)

Reply to PQ 274 [NW290E] - Reputation Management Department of the SARS (22kb)
Reply to PQ 297 [NW313E] - Criteria to select Customs Officials from OR Tambo Airport (9kb)
Reply to PQ 324 [NW314E] - Delay in the disbandment of the Anti-Smuggling Unit (11kb)
Reply to PQ 376 [NW448E] - Implementation plan for proposed SARS Audit of individuals' lifestyles (12kb)
Reply to PQ 423 [NW496E] - Investigations into allegations for bribes by custom officials at airports (22kb)
Reply to PQ 428 [NW502E] - Income tax Revenue (112kb)
Reply to PQ 479 [NW556E] - How many lifestyle audit did SARS conduct in 2009 (11kb)
Reply to PQ 453 [NW528E] - Coal exported from and imported into any habour (116kb)
Reply to PQ 569 [NW684E] - Whether the community was consulted before SARS office in Brakpan was closed (18kb)
Reply to PQ 575 [NW690E] - Tax Revenue collected by SARS from tourism for every rand received (8kb)
Reply to PQ 720 [NW847E] - Whether SARS has conducted any lifestyle audits (15kb)
Reply to PQ 721 [NW848E] - Which department in SARS should instances of suspected abuse of state tender process be reported (13kb)
Reply to PQ 763 [NW895E] - Whether certain companies are registered as tax-paying entities with SARS (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1313 [NW1543E] - Whether any government departments employ the services of private companies to recalculate VAT (10kb)
Reply to PQ 1527 [NW1783E] - Whether SARS pursued any cases with regard to the prosecution of persons and companies for tax evasion (57kb)
Reply to PQ 1942 [NW2330E] - Financial impact of recent Transnet strike with regard to the loss GDP (85kb)
Reply to PQ 2129 [NW2569E] - Inform the public of customs officials involved in bribery (57kb)
Reply to PQ 2191 [NW2697E] - With regard to the adjustments to the 2008-09 income tax assessments (48kb)
Reply to PQ 2561 [NW3202E] - Value-added Tax refunds (79kb)
Reply to PQ 3016 [NW3733E] - Whether SARS has been informed of any cases where fake bank have been established (61kb)

Specialist Functions
Reply to PQ 636 [NW759E] - Whether tenders have awarded to certain companies and whether these companies complied with tender requirements (9kb)
Reply to PQ 949 [NW1061E] - Whether his department will introduce amendments to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 2000 (kb)
Reply to PQ 1099 [NW1253E] - Whether the Register of defauters has been established in accordance with section 29 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (14kb)
Reply to PQ 1686 [NW1952E] - Guidelines with regard to the implementation of the new Integrated Financial Management System (52kb)
Reply to PQ 2114 [NW2553E] - Government IFMS at SITA (56kb)

Tax and Financial Sector Policy
Reply to PQ 229 [NW243E] - Joint Committee to investigate interest rate (9kb)
Reply to PQ 374 [NW446E] - Whether SARB has reported on the system failure that occurred on 3 November 2009 (67kb)
Reply to PQ 477 [NW554E] - Lifting the minimum level at which companies pay taxes in order to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (11kb)
Reply to PQ 485 [NW400E] - Whether NT has done a study to assess the impact and effect of increased fuel levy (22kb)
Reply to PQ 652 [NW778E] - Company registered as a bank or a Financial Services Provider (9kb)
Reply to PQ 960 [NW1103E] - Enquiry into a certain pension fund (kb)
Reply to PQ 961 [NW1104E] - Announcements by Registrar Banks and Governor of the SARB (11kb)
Reply to PQ 982 [NW1125E] - Whether Petrol and diesel sold through pump is reconciled with the amounts of levies received by NT (12kb)
Reply to PQ 1273 [NW1432E] - Whether public tender process has been followed by FSB to appoint curators (79kb)
Reply to PQ 1274 [NW1433E] - Whether any agreements have been reached between the FSB Board and any curator on dispute around surplus funds (56kb)
Reply to PQ 1304 [NW1533E] - Whether NT has a policy position relating to wealth tax or establishment of a commission to review the entire tax system (53kb)
Reply to PQ 1439 [NW1690E] - Whether action was taken by the FSB against brokers and companies by Inseta ETQA (52kb)
Reply to PQ 1526 [NW1690E] - Whether any cases referred to the Office of the Pension Funds Adjudicator were outstanding as at 31 March 2010 (53kb)
Reply to PQ 1678 [NW1941E] - Whether Government intends introducing the Australian example of a super tax on resource (47kb)
Reply to PQ 1683 [NW1948E] - Whether SA Reserve Bank Supplied SA rands to Zimbabwe (49kb)
Reply to PQ 2465 [NW3035E] - Whether he has taken any steps against administrators of retirement funds that have not submitted surplus apportionment schemes (58kb)
Reply to PQ 2509 [NW3083E] - Whether the Government informed all role players in the motor industry on carbon tax (61kb)
Reply to PQ 2339 [NW2907E] - Local Financial Regulatory Environment (53kb)
Reply to PQ 3120 [NW3920E] - Tax Break to first time home owners (66kb)
Reply to PQ 3035 [NW3753E] - Assessment of the impact on loans to fund BEE deals (49kb)

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