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RT64-2019 : Monthly Price Adjustments and Amendments
Amendment 1 Contract Circular (775kb)
Amendment 2 (59kb)
Amendment 3 Updated Contract Circular (919kb)
Amendment 4 (58kb)
Amendment 5 Gauteng Education (85kb)
Amendment 6 (46kb)
Amendment 7 (109kb)
Amendment 8 (79kb)
Amendment 9 Chris Hani District (85kb)
Amendment 10 Gauteng Education (47kb)
Amendment 11 Western Cape Department of Social Development (40kb)
Amendment 12 Gauteng Forensic Pathology Service (42kb)
Amendment 13 Department of Public Works (102kb)
Amendment 14 Lekwa Municipality (52kb)
Amendment 15 SARS (46kb)
Amendment 16 RTMC (187kb)
Amendment 17 DPW (45kb)
Amendment 18 KZN EMS (42kb)
Amendment 19 Strategic Fuel Fund (90kb)
Amendment 20 Rusternburg Local Municipality (82kb)
Amendment 22 DPW (54kb)
Amendment 23 Mhlontlo Local Municipality (466kb)
Amendment 24 South African Police Service (474kb)
Amendment 25 Overstrand Municipality (479kb)
Amendment 27 (213kb)
Amendment 28 Department of Rural & Land Reform (45kb)
Amendment 30 Rusternburg Local Municipality (52kb)
Amendment 31 Alpac Investments (245kb)
Amendment 32 J and H Protective Clothing (44kb)
Amendment 33 FG Uniforms cc (414kb)
Amendment 34 Stepahead Manufacturing (66kb)
Amendment 35 Rusternburg Local Municipality (51kb)
Amendment 36 DR Bayers Naude Local Municipality (51kb)
Amendment 38 PRASA (64kb)
Amendment 39 Presidency (115kb)
Amendment 40 Limpopo Transport (45kb)
Amendment 41 Carmi Hatters (76kb)
Amendment 42 The Badge Company (48kb)
Amendment 43 Lisa and Brothers Hygiene Solutions (43kb)
Amendment 44 DPW (49kb)
Amendment 45 Mac Net Business Development (57kb)
Amendment 46 SAPS (44kb)
Amendment 47 DEFF (48kb)
Amendment 48 Price Adjustment Leo Garments (89kb)
Amendment 49 Health (174kb)
Amendment 51 SAPS (50kb)
Amendment 52 SANBI (131kb)
Amendment 53 Arc Technologies (Pty) Ltd price adjustment (98kb)
Amendment 54 Masana Clothing Price adjustment (140kb)
Amendment 55 COJ Health Department (143kb)
Amendment 56 City of Johannesburg EMS (145kb)
Amendment 58 DPW (62kb)
Amendment 59 Emfuleni LM (309kb)
Amendment 60 DPW (76kb)
Amendment 61 SAPS (43kb)
Amendment 62 Zeerust Hospital (122kb)
Amendment 63 Ditsobotla LM (60kb)
Amendment 64 RLM (57kb)
Amendment 65 Price Adjustment (37kb)
Amendment 66 Mogale City Local Municipality (119kb)
Amendment 67 EC Health_Fort England Hospital (1,397kb)
Amendment 68 EC Health_Forensic Pathology Services. (122kb)
Amendment 69 DEFF (54kb)
Amendment 70 Price Adjustment - SUPPLYCOR CC (36kb)
Amendment 71 Theewaterskloof (126kb)
Amendment 72 SAPS (41kb)
Amendment 73 MISA (42kb)
Amendment 74 JMPD (76kb)
Amendment 75 MCLM (22kb)
Amendment 76 SARS (211kb)
Amendment 77 KZN Department of Transport (435kb)
Amendment 78 Mhontlo Municipality (425kb)
Amendment 79-EMS Western Cape_Missing word qeury.doc 1 (340kb)
Amendment 80 DEFF (436kb)
Amendment 81 PRASA (430kb)
Amendment 82 Tuscany Price Adjustment Notice (16kb)
Amendment 83 Kem Knit Price Adjustment Final (169kb)
Amendment 84 Mmabana Arts, Culture & Sports Foundation (183kb)
Amendment 85 ARC Technology Contact Details Notice (377kb)
Amendment 86 Ratlou Local Municipality (424kb)
Amendment 87 Prasa (176kb)
Amendment 88 uMzimkhulu Local Municipality (426kb)
Amendment 89 Alpac Invetsment Price Adjustment (416kb)
Amendment 90 Arc Technologies (Pty) Ltd Price Adjustment (392kb)
Amendment 91 FG Uniforms cc Price Adjustment (444kb)
Amendment 92 Price Adjustment Lisa & Brothers (402kb)
Amendment 93 Sirdicks cc Price Adjustment (394kb)
Amendment 94 SAI Consulting Price Adjustment (415kb)
Amendment 95 price Adjustments The Badge Company (400kb)
Amendment 96 price adjustments NDAR7 (394kb)
Amendment 97 PRASA (26kb)
Amendment 98 Final (398kb)
Amendment 99 National Health Laboratories Service (257kb)
Amendment 100 Final adjustments Stepahead Manufacturing (401kb)
Amendment 101 Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (176kb)
Amendment 102 Price Adjustment Sai Consulting cc (399kb)
Amendment 103 J & H Protective Clothing Price Adjustment (400kb)
Amendment 104 Leo Garments Pty Ltd Price Adjustment (412kb)
Amendment 105 Macnet Business Development cc Price Adjustment (246kb)
Amendment 106 DEFF (421kb)
Amendment 108 Department of Correctional Servicess (23kb)
Amendment 109 Price Adjustment Arc Technology (325kb)
Amendment 110 Lisa & Brothers Hygiene Solutions (394kb)
Amendment 111 Theewaterskloof Municipality (223kb)
Amendment 112 Police, Roads and Transport Free State (32kb)
Amendment 113 Umuziwabantu Local Municipality (237kb)
Amendment 114 Mhlontlo Municipality (366kb)
Amendment 115 Contract Extension (186kb)
Amendment 116 Overstrand Municipality (744kb)
Amendment 117 Moqhaka Local Municipality (59kb)
Amendment 118 SAPS (21kb)
Amendment 119 Lepelle Northern Water (252kb)
Amendment 120 Price Adjustment Notice (120kb)
Amendment 121 Sirdicks cc Price Adjustment (344kb)
Amendment 122 J and H Protective Clothing Price Adjustment (212kb)
Amendment 123 Masana Clothing Price Adjustment (513kb)
Amendment 124 - Macnet Business Price Adjustment (25kb)
Amendment 125 Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (19kb)
Amendment 126 SAPS (20kb)
Amendment 127 Department of Health (38kb)
Amendment 128 COJ Metro Bus (39kb)
Amendment 129 Bophelong Psychiatric Hospital (70kb)
Amendment 130 - BBF Safety Group Price Adjustment (24kb)
Amendment 131 Department of Education Limpopo (236kb)
Amendment 132 Bojanala Platinum District Municipality (40kb)
Amendment 133 Ekurhukeni Watercare Company (22kb)
Amendment 134 COJ Transport Department (54kb)
Amendment 135 Alpact Investments Price Adjustment (136kb)
Amendmnet 135 Alpac Investments (27kb)
Amendment 136 - Department of Correctional Services (31kb)
Amendment 137 - KZN WildLIfe (85kb)
Amendment 138 DALRRD (230kb)
Amendment 139 - Stepahead Manufacturing Price Adjustment (29kb)
Amendment 140 Supply cor Price Adjustment (121kb)
Amendment 141 RT64-2019 Contact Details Notice (17kb)
Amendment 142 uMzimkhulu Local Municipality (238kb)
Alpac Investments cc letter (28kb)
Amendment 143 CSIR (72kb)
Amendment 144 Joe Morolong Memorial Hospital (95kb)
Amendment 145 City of Johannesburg JMPD (88kb)

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