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Press Releases - 2012

11 Dec
Press Release: Tax treatment of RSA Governmement Bonds issued to non-South African residents (207kb)

05 Dec
Media Statement: Market- Making Obligations by Primary Dealers in RSA Government Bonds during December 2012 (179kb)

04 Dec
Media Statement: Business Day gets it wrong on The Jobs Fund (145kb)

29 Nov
Media Statement: Provincial Budgets: 2012/13 Financial Year Mid-Term Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Report (223kb)

28 Nov
Media Statement: North Gauteng High Court dismisses urgent application against National Treasury (76kb)

21 Nov
Media Statement: Obligation of Primary Dealers in fixed rate Government bonds to provide Liquidity in the secondary market on the R2048 (49kb)

02 Nov
Media Statement: Joint statement by National Treasury and the Department of Health on allegations that National Treasury endorsed the purchase of a property in Limpopo for more than its value. (109kb)
Media Statement: Statement by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on the election of SARS Senior Executive Kosie Louw as Chair of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for tax purposes (55kb)

01 Nov
Media Statement: Joint statement by the Minister of Finance and the chairperson of the Banking Association of South Africa: Ensuring responsible market conduct for bank lending (128kb)

15 Oct
Media Statement: National Treasury’s response to Standard and Poor’s downgrade of South Africa’s long-term foreign currency and long-term local currency credit ratings (177kb)

04 Oct
Media Statement: Incentives for Household Savings and Tax Treat of Retirement Savings (78kb)
  Incentivising non-retirement savings (695kb)
  Improving tax incentives for retirement savings (1,145kb)

03 Oct
Media Statement: Government grants SAA request for R5 billion guarantee (100kb)

28 Sep
Media Statement: Tabling of the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Bill, 2012 (96kb)
Media Statement: National Treasury statement on Moody’s Investor Services (Moody’s) revision of South Africa’s government bond rating (156kb)

26 Sep
Media Statement: The 2012 AFI (Alliance for Financial Inclusion) GLOBAL POLICY FORUM (234kb)

21 Sep
Media Statement: Household Savings and Retirement Reform Discussion Papers (107kb)
  Enabling a better income in retirement (1,116kb)
  Preservation portability and governance (748kb)

13 Sep
Press Release: The regulation of hedge fungs in South Africa - A proposed framework issued by the National Treasury and Financial Services Board (266kb)
  Annexure to the Regulation of Hedge Funds in South Africa- A proposed framework, September 2012 (760kb)

12 Sep
Media Statement: National Treasury to stop further transfers to Nala Local Municipality in the Free State (200kb)

10 Sep
Media Statement: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to meet Zimbabwean counterpart (124kb)

05 Sep
Media Statement: Secondary market making obligation on the R2023 (7.75%:2023) by Primary Dealers in fixed rate government bonds of the Republic of South Africa (44kb)

31 Aug
URGENT Joint Media Statement: Proposed addition to 2012 Tax Laws Amendment Bills to close Tax avoidance schemes related to the Dividends Tax (117kb)
  Annexure to the Joint Dividend Scheme - Income Tax Amendment 31 August 2012 (53kb)
Press Release: Local Government Revenue and Expenditure: Fourth Quarter Local Government Section 71 Report For the period: 1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012 (242kb)

28 Aug
Media Statement: Negotiations with Swaziland (39kb)

27 Aug
Media Statement: Finance Minister’s meeting with the Banking Industry (187kb)
Media Advisory: Photo Opportunity with Finance Minister Pravin Gordan and Bank Heads (199kb)

23 Aug
Media Statement: The International Monetary Fund Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV Consultation with South Africa (203kb)
Provincial Budgets: 2012/13 Financial Year First Quarter Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Report (238kb)

10 Aug
Media Alert: Minister of Finance's warning on letters or emails purporting to be from his office (54kb)

09 Aug
Media Statement: Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, on the appointment Of Mr R. Shaik as the CEO of the Development Bank of Southern Africa’s International Division (76kb)

12 Jul
Media Statement: Response to media reports about the City of Tshwane’s Bond issue (65kb)

05 Jul
Media Statement: Taxation Laws Amendment Bills, 2012: General Overview (219kb)

18 Jun
Media Statement: IMF Resources (179kb)

05 Jun
Press Release: Local Government Revenue and Expenditure: Third Quarter Local Government Section 71 Report For the period: 1 July 2011 - 31 March 2012 (206kb)

01 Jun
Media Alert: Treasury will be hosting a Media workshop on the Local Government Revenue and Expenditure Reports that the Treasury publishes quarterly (78kb)

31 May
Press Release: Government Bond Switch Auctions Calendar for 2012 (226kb)

30 May
Press Release: 2011/12 Provincial Budgets: Fourth Quarter Year to Date Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Report (Preliminary Outcome) (82kb)

14 May
Media Statement: Strengthening Retirement Savings: Overview of the 2012 Budget proposals (152kb)
Retirement savings discussion paper (932kb)
Retirement savings discussion Draft Proposals presentation (727kb)

11 May
Media Advisory: Finance Minister to adrress Media on Retirement Reforms (43kb)

09 May
Media Statement: Taxation of Capital Gains (53kb)

07 May
Media Statement: National Treasury will not discuss SANRAL in Parliament on Tuesday (103kb)

23 Apr
Media Statement: National Treasury files papers to intervene in the application to interdict collection of tolls on some roads in Gauteng (108kb)

17 Apr
Media Statement: Comment on the possible inclusion of South African Government Bonds in Citigroup's World Government Bond Index (96kb)

16 Apr
Media Statement: Effective date of increased capital gains tax rates for long-term insurers and related matters (208kb)
Press Statement: Explanatory statement on health insurance products/medical scheme dermacation (177kb)

04 Apr
Press Release: Financial Markets Bill (161kb)

03 Apr
Media Statement: Extension of public comment on the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Bill, 2012 (113kb)

29 Mar
Media Statement: National Treasury's statement on Standard & Poor's ratings comment (137kb)

27 Mar
African Union Commission (AUC) Communiqu� on the Candidacy of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for the post of World Bank President (25kb)

22 Mar
Media Statement by the Angolan Minister of Planning and the Finance Ministers of Nigeria and South Africa (31kb)

13 Mar
Media Statement: National Budget Review, 2012: Taxation of divorce order-related Retirement benefits (119kb)
Media Statement: Technical Corrections Website Release, 2012 (186kb)
Media Statement: Rates and Monetary Amounts and Amendment of Revenue Laws Bill, 2012 (216kb)

12 Mar
Minister Gordhan's statement on Mr Twine's passing away (120kb)

09 Mar
Media Release: Draft Financial Services Laws General Amendment Bill, 2012 (204kb)
Media Release: Transfer of Pensioners to GEMS (108kb)

02 Mar
Media Statement: Minister of Finance releases draft regulations on the demarcation between Health Insurance Policies and Medical Schemes (49kb)
Draft Demarcation Regulations
Media Alert: Invitation to the Limpopo Province Budget (76kb)

01 Mar
Communiqu�: Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, Mexico City, 25-26 February 2012 (174kb)

29 Feb
Press Release: 3rd Quarter Year to Date Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Report (99kb)

24 Feb
Media Statement: Protecting the integrity of the Short-term Insurance Ombud�s Office (186kb)

19 Jan
Press Statement: Joint Ministerial team on Limpopo Section 100 intervention (185kb)

18 Jan
Media Alert: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and National Ministers to address media on Limpopo S100 intervention (136kb)

13 Jan
Media Release: Fitch Ratings affirms South Africa�s long-term foreign credit rating at �BBB+� and local currency credit rating at �A�: Outlook Revised to Negative from Stable (239kb)

10 Jan
Media Statement: Minister of Finance meets with Limpopo Premier for the implementation of S100 intervention (148kb)
Press Release: South Africa prices US$1.5 billion 12 year global bond (104kb)

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