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National Council of Provinces (NCOP) - Minister's responses to Questions

Budget Office
Reply to PQ 67 [CW82E] - Whether NT commissioned studies to evaluate the extend of our economy in a volatile global financial environment (51kb)
Reply to PQ 441 [CW541E] - Whether the explicit costs of (a) existing and (b) new programmes that require a longterm commitment have been (i) regularly made to Cabinet and (ii) reported to the National Assembly in order to allow for an annual target for the structural budget balance that is consistent with (aa) the long-term growth, (bb) the sustainability of public debt and (cc) proper consideration of inter-generational obligations to be achieved..? (9kb)
Reply to PQ 601 [CW748E] - Whether the National Treasury will provide specific figures, including future projections, relating to the real non-interest consolidated expenditure by main economic category.... (6kb)
  Reply to PQ 601 [CW748E]- Annex A   (57kb)
Reply to PQ 673 [CW841E] - Whether the National Treasury has informally advised the Dept of Justice & Constituitional Development that a trading entity in respect of third party funds is sufficient for the purpose of financial reporting; (8kb)

Economic Policy
Oral Reply to PQ 119 [CO720E] - Whether he has put any measures in place to protect South African economy from (a) the current Eurozone crisis and (b) a possible collapse of the Euro; if not, why not; if so, what measures; (17kb)
Reply to PQ 226 [CW288E] - Government considering interventions to weaken the currency? (446kb)
Reply to PQ 533 [CW 637] - Whether National Treasury has taken any measures to protect the poor against negative economic factors. (68kb)
Reply to PQ 534 [CW638E]- Whether the dept has any meaning plans in place to mitigate the effect of (i) climate change (ii) biodiversity loss (iii) ecosystem degradation so far as it impacts on the SA economy; (97kb)
Reply to PQ 571 [CW726E] - Whether the Govt has successfully attracted an increased flow of FDI into SA from 1 January 2009 up to the latest specified date for which information is available; (11kb)
Reply to PQ 627 [CW772E] - how many guests were invited at the Sandton Convention Centre on (i) 24 & (ii) 25 Novermber 2011 and the total amount budgeted for.... (14kb)

Intergovernmental Relations
Reply to PQ 82 [CW97E] - Conditional Grants for infrastruture to provinces and municipalitites to be phased out (11kb)
Reply to PQ 234 [CW413E] - Whether National Treasury grants have been made available to ..? (258kb)
Reply to PQ 238 [CW301E] - Whether the Mangaung Metro Municipality has been granted a Restructuring Grant or any other financial assistance? (102kb)
Reply to PQ 423 [CW522E] - Whether, with reference to his reply to question 238 on 17 July 2011, the proportion of the general fuel levy is calculated on (a) fuel sales in the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality area or (b) a proportion of the general fuel levy for the Free State? (5kb)

International & Regional Economic Policy Folder
Oral Reply to PQ 99 [CO699E] - (a) What is the total amount which South Africa paid over to the SA Customs Union (SACU) under the customs and excise levy agreement for the 2010-11 financial year and (b) how much of this amount did South Africa receive under the revenue sharing formula as determined by SACU; (37kb)
Reply to PQ 358 [CW455E] - Whether, in light of the fact that the Southern Africa Customs Union receives revenues two years in arrears and Swaziland is only now experiencing the effects of the financial crisis, his department will (a) foresee the Swaziland crisis and..? (8kb)
Reply to PQ 415 [CW514E] - Whether any conditions, other than the International Monetary Fund (IMF) conditions, have been imposed on any countries which were given loans by South Africa;..? (37kb)
Reply to PQ 443 [CW543] - Whether the Dept has taken into account the fact that Swaziland already owes the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund monies to the amount of R70 billion before granting the loan to the said country; (6kb)
Reply to PQ 535 [CW639E] - Whether the Govt had fully developed policy with regard to providing loans to SADC countries and more importantly ensuring that Parliament was kept informed about the borrowing country's compliance..... (6kb)
Reply to PQ 589 [CW684E] - Swaziland Loan (5kb)

Office of the Accountant General
Oral Reply to PQ 88 [CO688E] - Whether financial statements of all national and provincial departments have been found to be satisfactory; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details? (8kb)
Reply to PQ 599 [CW 746E] - Whether the National Treasury has (a) investigated any cases of irregular expenditure from 1 January 2009 up to the latest specified date for which information is available.... (10kb)

Public Finance
Oral Reply to PQ 89 [CO689E] - With regard to the President’s announcement in his State of the Nation Address on 10 February 2011 regarding the R9 billion job creation initiative, (a) how have the funds been allocated to serve this purpose, (b) how many small businesses have been aided, (c) how has the youth job subsidies been affected, (d) how many sustainable and decent jobs have been created...? (13kb)

Public Investment Corporation/Assets & Liability Management
Reply to PQ 662 [CW825E] - how many guests were invited at the Sandton Convention Centre on (i) 24 & (ii) 25 Novermber 2011 and the total amount budgeted for.... (10kb)

Reply to PQ 256 [CW319E] - Whether, in light of recent reports regarding value-added tax (VAT) payments, the National Treasury has instituted or will institute any new measures to curb the problem of false VAT claims (60kb)

Tax and Financial Sector Policy
Reply to PQ 154 [CW191E] - Whether the National Treasury will ensure that businesses will not pass down carbon tax to the end user (50kb)
Reply to PQ 156 [CW193E] - Will National Treasury revisit its decision not to ring-fence carbon tax for green initiatives (50kb)
Reply to PQ 264 [CW327E] - In view of the call by the former Minister of Finance, Mr Trevor Manuel for South Africas to indulge in savings...? (190kb)
Reply to PQ 404 [CW503E] - Whether the National Treasury will encourage the use of technology in assisting banks that apply to become operationally viable interms of Cooperatives banks Act, Act 40 of 2007; (6kb)

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