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National Assembly (NA) - Minister's responses to Questions

Assets and Liability Management
Oral Reply to PQ 133 [NO2458E] - Why has National Treasury not yet given effect to Parliament’s request for his department to supplement Transnet’s Second Defined Benefit Fund (46kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 318 [NO4301E] - Whether he has found that the rating by a certain agency (name furnished) that local and foreign currency debt has been downgraded from stable to negative will have any impact on (a) investor confidence, (b) the cost of borrowing and (c) economic growth; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details; (10kb)
Reply to PQ 398 [NW432E] - Whether the Land Bank has been able to maintain captail adequacy ratio within the limits (48kb)
Reply to PQ 1637 [NW1842E] - Whether the National Treasury has conducted any studies to ensure that departments have the necessary capacity to spend funds allocated to them..? (57kb)
Reply to PQ 3640 [NW4420E] - Whether the National Treasury is in the process of revising the salaries paid to all CEO's of entities operating under the auspices of the National Treasury including SA Reserve Bank.... (5kb)

Budget Office
Reply to PQ 548 [NW595E] - Whether Government has implimented wide-ranging cost cutting measures (64kb)
Reply to PQ 2142 Swart [NW2485E] - Whether Government has implimented wide-ranging cost cutting measures (79kb)
Reply to PQ 2636 [NW3087E] - Whether the Government is keeping the national net loan debt from breaching the R1 trillion ceiling;..? (16kb)
Reply to PQ 2661 [NW3114E] - Whether he envisages that the faster pace at which public sector remuneration is permitted to increase above that of the private sector, will impact on (a) taxation and (b) economic growth..? (9kb)
Reply to PQ 3263 [NW3879E] - How does the country’s primary budget balance in February 2009 compare with the primary budget balance in February 2011..? (9kb)
Reply to PQ 3533 [NW4237E] - Whether he intends introducing a zero-based budgeting process in order to prevent the inflation of current budget through the calculation of percentages; (6kb)

Corporate Services
Reply to PQ 224 [NW219E] - Whether the National Treasury was able to eliminate the backlog in the processing of special pensions (12kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 274 [NO4051E] - What is the cost to the taxpayer to have officials of his department commute on a weekly basis for government business between Pretoria and Parliament in Cape Town during the parliamentary session...? (6kb)
Reply to PQ 2317 [NW2693E] - Whether (a) the National Treasury and (b) any entity reporting to the Treasury was approached by a certain political organisation (name furnished) to contribute to its centenary celebrations; if so, in each case, (i) which entities and (ii) what was the (aa) nature and (bb) value of the contribution that was requested; (23kb)
Reply to PQ 2409 [NW2800E] - Whether (a) the National Treasury or (b) entities reporting to it have (i) awarded any tenders,(ii) concluded any (aa) contracts and (bb) financial transactions with certain companies(names and details furnished) in each specified financial year since 2005-06; if so, (aaa) which company or entity, (bbb) what are the relevant details, (ccc) what was the value of each (aaaa) tender, (bbbb) contract or (cccc) financial transaction and (dddd) what was the name of the companies who failed for each tender, contract or financial transaction that was awarded? (34kb)
Reply to PQ 1294 [NW1435E] - How many (a) African, (b) Coloured, (c) Indian and (d) White employees are currently working in the public institutions that report to him in terms of Schedules 1 to 3D of the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999? (55kb)
Reply to PQ 1452 [NW1619E] - On how many occasions since 1 March 2010 did his office hire a vehicle to transport (i) him and (ii) the Deputy Minister..? (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1691 [NW1905E] - What is the detailed expenditure breakdown for the Ministry sub-programme under Programme 1: Administration..? (68kb)
Reply to PQ 1894 [NW2132E] - Whether the Minister has employed a ministerial special advisor (44kb)
Reply to PQ 2422 [NW2817E] - What amount was (a) claimed by and (b) paid to (i) him and (ii) his deputy minister for subsistence and travel in each month in the 2010-11 financial year? (50kb)
Reply to PQ 2721 [NW3182E] - Who is the preferred service provider that is used by the National Treasury for the hiring of vehicles..? (6kb)
Reply to PQ 2555 [NW2781E] - Whether (a) the National Treasury and (b) the entities reporting to him have implemented any energy-saving (i) practices or (ii) devices for buildings, offices and boardrooms in the 2010-11 financial year..? (32kb)
Reply to PQ 3051 [NW3573E] - Whether (a) he, (b) the Deputy Minister and (c) any senior officials of his department intend to visit or have visited New Zealand during the 2011 Rugby World Cup Tournament..? (6kb)
Reply to PQ 3421 [NW4107E] - How many copies of each annual reports that was produced by National Treasury and the entities reporting to him were commissioned for printing in the 2010-11 financial year (36kb)
Reply to PQ 3708 [NW4489E] - Whether any officials in the National Treasury (a) have been investigated (b) are currently under investigation and (c) have been charged for alleged (i) corrupt or (ii) fraudulent activity; (12kb)

Economic Policy
Oral Reply to PQ 95 [NO2405E] - What steps have been taken by the National Treasury to ensure that South Africa remains as insulated as possible from the effects of the current debt crisis in the United States and the pending possible global economic downturn? (45kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 139 [NO2465E] - Whether the Minister has found that the debate on the nationalisation of mines has had an impact on our image as a stable and reliable market for future investments..? (74kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 146 [NO2474E] - Whether any progress has been made with the implementation of the proposed youth wage subsidy..? (49kb)
Reply to PQ 270 [CW333E] - How does the unemployment rate in racial terms as released by Statistics South Africa compare since 2004 up to the latest specified date for which information is available..? (76kb)
Reply to PQ 271 [CW334E] - In view of the fact that the indices for administered regulated prices tends to generally increase much faster than those for market related prices..? (121kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 349 [NO4341E] - Whether he has put any contingency plans in place to deal with a continuing decline in revenue; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details..? (52kb)
Reply to PQ 2277 [NW2649E] - Whether he intends to call a summit to focus on the economy and bind all South Africans to unite in support of a mutually agreed growth pact..? (7kb)
Reply to PQ 2574 [ NW2987E] - Whether any measures are currently in place to protect the economy from capital flight in the event of another global recession; if not, why not; if so, what measures? (10kb)
Reply to PQ 2625 [NW3041E] - Whether, with reference to the envisaged implementation of the Youth Wage Subsidy on 1 April 2012, any implementation plans have been developed..? (10kb)
Reply to PQ 3480 [NW4153E] - What (a) has been the trend and (b) total amount of foreign direct investment inflows in 2008-9 and 2010-11..... (165kb)
Reply to PQ 3578 [NW4351E] - Whether with refernce to the Walmart-Massmart merger, foreign direct investment (FDI) is welcomed by the Government; (8kb)

Financial & Fiscal Commission
Reply to PQ 1505 [NW1598E] - Why is the Financial and Fiscal Commission not allowed to use outside auditors to curb audit fees charged by the Auditor-General’s office (46kb)

Financial Intelligence Centre
Reply to PQ 1361 [NW1502E] - Whether he intends to instruct the Financial Intelligence Centre to (a) investigate and (b) fast-track the process to enable individual citizens to register electronically to obtain a FICA number..? (54kb)

International & Regional Economic Policy
Reply to PQ 45 [NW2528E] - Whether, with reference to the recently announced financial bridging arrangement to Swaziland, the grant was made subject to the (a) unbanning of all political parties and (b) release of political prisoners (details furnished); if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details? (44kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 126 [NO2450E] - What is delaying the conclusion of the discussions with regard to the SACU revenue formula? (44kb)
Reply to PQ 1276 [NW1300E] - (Sacu) revenue sharing formula (51kb)
Reply to PQ 1806 [NW2039E] - Whether the Government is currently finalising a loan agreement with Swaziland..? (36kb)
Reply to PQ 2070 [NW2337E] - How do the loan conditions as set by the Government in respect of the R2.4 billion loan to Swaziland differ from the conditions initially set by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund..? (78kb)

Intergovernmental Relations
Reply to PQ 63 [NW73E] - Furnished Resolve Group Report from Gauteng Provincial Government (12kb)
Reply to PQ 261 [NW282E] - Whether he will take any steps to assist the 283 municipalities that owe more than R700 million to Eskom..? (45kb)
Reply to PQ 1845 [NW2081E] - Whether his department is currently considering alternative measures for procuring funds for local authorities to augment their income..? (42kb)
Reply to PQ 2821 [NW3284E] - Whether he intends to introduce a change in the date of the financial year end of municipalities to 31 March to bring in line with the national financial year end; (11kb)
Reply to PQ 2822 [NW3286E] - Whether he investigated the figures released by the National Treasury in respect of the fourth quarter spending by KwaZulu-Natal municipalities following their objections..? (7kb)
Reply to PQ 3151 [NW3678E] - Whether the government was planning to impose a new tax on businesses in the five metro regions of the country to raise an additional R20 billion; if so, what are the relevant details? (5kb)
Reply to PQ 3534 [NW4238E] - What steps is the National Treasury taking to assist the 278 municipalities which are owed R62.3 billion in outstanding debts (6kb)

Minister Office
Reply to PQ 270 [NW291E] - How many documents have (a)(i) his ministry and (ii) department and (b) any (i) institution or (ii) agency which receives transfers from his departmental budget...? (40kb)
Reply to PQ 485 [NW528E] - Whether (a) his department or (b) any (i) agency or (ii) institution which receives transfers from his departmental budget employs staff to perform the duties set out in the Minimum Information and Security Standards (MISS)...? (49kb)
Reply to PQ 3818 [NW4609E] - Whether any other person have driven (a) his and (b) his Deputy Minister's official blue light fitted vehicles; (4kb)
Reply to PQ 3850 [NW4641E] - Whether he will reply to (a) all outstanding parliamentary questions and (b) the points contained in each question before parliamentary questions lapse in accordance with Rule 316 of the National Assembly; (5kb)

Office of the Accountant-General
Reply to PQ 79 [NW89E] - Report of the Auditor-General on outsanding default and audit fees for each municipality owing the AG (77kb)
Oral Reply to PQ 350 [NO43442E] - Whether, with regard to the increasing leakage from the public financial system, the National Treasury has developed a detailed plan on how the leakage will be eliminated; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details...? (53kb)
Reply to PQ 1631 [NW1836E] - Whether (a) government departments, (b) provincial administrations and (c) municipalities are required to have independent internal audit committees..? (42kb)
Reply to PQ 3547 [NW4252E] - The decrease of the number of departments with unqualified audit reports and the steps taken against such departments. (10kb)

Public Finance
Oral Reply to PQ 100 [NO2412E] - What (a) was the budget for the 2010 Fifa World Cup Legacy projects and (b) are the relevant details regarding the expenditure? (13kb)
Reply to PQ 397 [NW431E] - Whether Minister of Finance received any applications for PPPs that will be launched this year (51kb)
Reply to PQ 944 [NW1062E] - With regard to the doubling of the public service salary bill in the past five years, whether steps have been taken to contain the escalation of the salary bill..? (63kb)
Reply to PQ 2573 [NW2986E] - Whether he has received an application from the Public Protector for additional funding..? (7kb)
Reply to PQ 2620 [NW3036E] - Whether his department was consulted by the ministerial task team under the auspices of the Minister of Transport in the determination of the final toll fees for the Gauteng Freeway Infrastructure Project (GFIP) with regard to... (6kb)
Reply to PQ 2622 [NW3038E] - Whether tax sharing arrangements with metros in terms of the 2009-10 Budget Review, whereby 23% of the revenues from the fuel levy earmarked for boosting budgets for roads and transport infrastructure with the view of phasing in the fuel levy based on sales revenue at each of these metros over the next four financial years is taking place... (10kb)
Reply to PQ 2853 [NW3321E] - Whether he intends to introduce differentiated grant amounts when social grants are increased in future, so that recipients in urban areas who elect to receive their grants by way of electronic funds transfer (details furnished) will receive marginally more than those electing to receive grants at contractor-operated pay points despite being within reasonable range of banks and post offices..? (7kb)
Reply to PQ 3001 [NW3485E] - Whether the Department of Health has applied for funding for the South African Demographic and Health survey since the 2007-08 financial year..? (6kb)

Public Investment Corporation
Reply to PQ 3314 [NW3970E] - Whether a review will be taken with regard to the composition of independent non-executive directors of Public Investment Corporation. (7kb)
Reply to PQ 3315 [NW3971E] - Whether provision has been made for the awarding of short-term bonuses with regard to the remuneration of the Public Investment Corporation. (10kb)

Reply to PQ 177 [NW193E] - Measures to shorten queues at various SARS offices (22kb)
Reply to PQ 1501 [NW1533E] - Why were payments from SA Revenue Service (SARS) frozen for four months resulting in companies not being paid..? (59kb)
Reply to PQ 1521 [NW1686E] - Whether the SA Revenue Service (SARS) investigated the complaint by a certain person (name furnished) that a certain company (name furnished) obtained tax relief on employer contributions to retirement funds for agents who were not employees..? (44kb)
Reply to PQ 1890 [NW2128E] - What (a) are the reasons that pay-as-you-earn (PAYE), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and value-added tax (VAT) returns can no longer be processed by using various printed forms and that only e-filing will be accepted from July 2011 and..? (55kb)
Reply to PQ 3089 [NW3613E] - Why does the SA Revenue Services (SARS) require exporters to state (a) full ingredients lists, (b) proportions of ingredients and (c) details of the manufacturing processes of products exported to the European Union prior to shipping..? (9kb)

Specialist Functions
Reply to PQ 2206 [NW2581E] - Whether the Minister received a request from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development for permission to develop a new accounting system to replace the current JDAS..? (70kb)
Reply to PQ 2279 [NW2651E] - Whether it is Government policy to furnish tender information and details, on tenders amounting to more than R1 million to losing bidders on request;..? (6kb)
Reply to PQ 2873 [NW3343] - Since the establishment of the Register for Tender Defaulters, how many times has the provision of section 28(1) of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, Act 12 of 2004, been enacted which allows an order to be issued for the particulars, conviction and sentence of a person or enterprise under the Act to be endorsed on the Register? (7kb)
Reply to PQ 3343 [NW4004E] - Whether the Govt has any system in place to ensure that tenders that were approved are randomly or systematically evaluated by an authority set up for this purpose; (8kb)

Specialist Unit
Reply to PQ 2393 [NW2784E] - Whether he has (a) taken any steps or (b) any systems in place to curb corruption in the Government’s procurement process..? (12kb)

Tax and Financial Sector Policy
Reply to PQ 19 [NW28E] - Expected revenue from royalty payments in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources and Royalty Act, 2008 (9kb)
Reply to PQ 72 [NW3252E] - Whether he intends to consider a progressive tax on mines in order to ensure equitable distribution of mining profits to counteract the call for the nationalisation of mines; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details? (11kb)
Reply to PQ 74 [NW3265E] - Whether any cooperative banks have been developed since the Co-operative Banks Act, Act 40 of 2007, came into effect; if not, why not; if so, how many in the market for deposits (a) under and (b) over R20 million? (7kb)
Reply to PQ 482 [NW525E] - Whether, with reference to the statements made by a certain person (name and details furnished) during his testimony on the Cadac Pension Fund matter before court regarding his refusal to answer questions on the basis that he may incriminate himself and/or the Financial Services Board (FSB), he has requested this person to explain his statement..? (48kb)
Reply to PQ 943 [NW1061E] - The impact of value-added tax (VAT) on the poor (48kb)
  VAT Merit goods - 15 Oct 2007 (2,135kb)
Reply to PQ 1081 [NW1202E] - In light of the pressure on the local fuel price as a result of the crisis in Libya and other countries in the Middle East (44kb)
Reply to PQ 1089 [NW1211E] - What is the (a) nature and (b) quantum of the tax liability that (i) would have been, and (ii) is now exempt in terms of section 8 of the South African Postbank Limited Act 2010 (Act 9 of 2010)? (51kb)
Reply to PQ 1108 [NW1230E] - Align insurance legislation with the European Court of Justice ruling that insurance premiums may not be determined on the basis of gender; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details? (43kb)
Reply to PQ 1109 [NW1231E] - Whether the Financial Stability Oversight Committee has been established (43kb)
Reply to PQ 1151 [NW1242E] - Giving tax relief to consumers who (a) purchase electricity-saving equipment and (b) install private electricity generators for (i) domestic and (ii) industrial use..? (68kb)
Reply to PQ 1214 [NW1351E] - Amending taxation laws regulating the taxation of companies in the mining sector (53kb)
Reply to PQ 1296 [NW1437E] - Whether the Financial Services Board provided start-up capital to a certain pension fund curator (172kb)
Reply to PQ 1297 [NW1438E] - The payment of a professional fee by the Fund to the curator of the specified fund. (35kb)
Reply to PQ 1782 [NW2012E] - Whether the Financial Services Board has investigated certain provident funds (details furnished) for their investment in a certain empowerment trust (name furnished)..? (6kb)
Reply to PQ 1852 [NW2089E] - What is the relationship between the tax subsidy for people who have private medical aids and the means test used at public hospitals..? (51kb)
Reply to PQ 2067 [NW2333E] - Whether the National Treasury has been informed of companies in theminingindustry who fear that the levying of a carbon tax may add as much as 10% to the cost structure of already struggling mining companies..? (8kb)
Reply to PQ 2068 [NW2334E] - Whether the National Treasury has been informed of research done by acertain company (name furnished) which indicated that collections from carbon tax could be as high as R82.5 billion on the assumption that the equivalent of R165 per ton of carbon dioxide can be levied; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, how will this money be spent/allocated? (10kb)
Reply to PQ 2626 [NW3042E] - Whether, with reference to investigations by the Financial Services Board (FSB) into abuse of surplus amounts by pension funds, any internal investigation unit exists to perform this function..? (8kb)
Reply to PQ 3392 [NW4071E] - Whether the Financial Services Board retains statistics on the (a) number of death claims submitted for processing by insurance companies and (b) reasons why these claims are outstanding.... (101kb)
Reply to PQ 3393 [NW4073E] - Whether, with regard to the agency functions that had been delegated to the SA Reserve Bank (a) formal agreements have been signed and (b) performance standards have been outlined; (47kb)
Reply to PQ 3471 [NW4145E] - Whether he intends introducing an environmental levy to working mines in order to deal with acid mine drainage; (6kb)
Reply to PQ 3541 [NW4246E] - Whether the Govt intends supporting the establishment of the proposed Solidarity Tobacco Contribution (STC) fund; (6kb)

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