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National Assembly (NA) - Minister's responses to Questions

2010 Fifa Word Cup Division
Reply to PQ 103 - Projected Shortfall of each of new FIFA Stadiums (15kb)

Asset and Liability Management
Reply to PQ 156 - Report on corruption in the Land Bank (9kb)
Reply to PQ 446 - Lending rate of the LandBank to formers (12kb)
Reply to PQ 752 - Diciplinary cases against employees of Land Bank (10kb)
Reply to PQ 756 - Disciplinary Action - Cases of Employees at Land Bank (9kb)
Reply to PQ 789 - New Financing model for commercial, emerging and subsistance farmers (11kb)
Reply to PQ 935 - Financial assistance to SOEs (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1110 - Downgrade in the credit ratings of State-owend entities by certain agencies (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1317 - Current projections of National Debt Obligations between 2009-2013 (8kb)
Reply to PQ 2317 - Model of calculating interest on outstanding loans by Land Bank (10kb)

Budget Office
Reply to PQ 479 - ENE guidlines to departments (12kb)
Reply to PQ 1006 - Alignment of Policy and Strategy with the objectives of a Developmental State (11kb)

Corporate Services
Reply to PQ 129 - SJF Marias - Adverts of NT (11kb)
Reply to PQ 370 - Minister Vehicle (12kb)
Reply to PQ 544 - P van Dalen DA Private Security Firms (9kb)
Reply to PQ 694 - Measures to reduce expenditure e.g travelling (10kb)
Reply to PQ 826 - Current and Past Members of Parliament receiving Special Pension (8kb)
Reply to PQ 901 - Business class airline tickets for NT officials (10kb)
Reply to PQ 914 - Performance Contract of the DG and Senior Managers in the Department (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1167 - Uses of temporary employment services and or labour brokers by NT (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1209 - Purchases of vehicle for the Deputy Minister of Finance (76kb)
Reply to PQ 1524 - Imbizos, seminars, conferences and other funtions by NT (29kb)
Reply to PQ 1569 - Policy on appointment of persons with criminal records (15kb)
Reply to PQ 1701 - Renovations or alterations for residences of the Minister and DM (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1715 - Amount spent by NT offcials on hotel, restaurant and travel (12kb)
Reply to PQ 1894 - Whether Minister, DM and specified officials have official credt card (9kb)
Reply to PQ 2301 - Review of departments' perfomance with regard to PSC report (10kb)

Economic Policy
Reply to PQ 142 - Rabie - Abandon rate of inflation target (11kb)
Reply to PQ 964 - Macro-economic policy set out in the Framework for SA's response to the International Crisis (18kb)
Reply to PQ 1283 - Economic effect of proposed banning of labour brokers (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1568 - Independence of SARB and policy on Inflation targeting (12kb)
Reply to PQ 1829 - Current Account relative to the GDP (8kb)

Reply to PQ 239 - M Swart - Forensic investigation - pyramid scheme (8kb)
Reply to PQ 240 - M Swart - Pyramid scheme (8kb)
Reply to PQ 241 - M Swart - Pyramid scheme - exchange controls (8kb)

Reply to PQ 1322 - Amending Rule 14.6.2 of GEPF (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1935 - Company appointed to take charge of financial management of GEPF (8kb)

Intergovernmental Relations
Reply to PQ 1058 - Vulindlela Academy (18kb)
Reply to PQ 1059 - Siyenza Manje (65kb)
Reply to PQ 1765 - Crisis in the Free State Health Department in 2008-2009 (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1889 - How many Municipalities use and apply funds transfered for intended purpose (11kb)
Reply to PQ 2304 - Figures used for the allocation of equitable share to municipalities (8kb)

Office of the Accountant-General
Reply to PQ 887 - Public consultation and review process of PFMA and MFMA (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1459 - Training of Financial Managers at Local Government level (16kb)

Office of the Director-General
Reply to PQ 371 - DT George - Celebration of appointment of minister (8kb)
Reply to PQ 521 - P van Dalen - Function of budget vote (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1893 - Annual Report (23kb)

Public Finance
Reply to PQ 876 - Pilot programme for wage subsidy (8kb)
Reply to PQ 902 - Budgetary provision for Border Control Coordinating Committee (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1227 - Pilot Programme on the youth wage subsidy (78kb)
Reply to PQ 1246 - Study on the fiscal, financial and economic effects of National Health Insurance (76kb)

Reply to PQ 903 - Purchase of further scanning unites in customs control (10kb)
Reply to PQ 930 - Claims by SARS against Klerksdorp Mediac Benefit Society (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1012 - Customs officials involved in corrupt activities (19kb)
Reply to PQ 1109 - Studies undertaken to ascertain service delivery in Pietermarizburg (14kb)
Reply to PQ 1228 - Money lost by SARS to Cipro (69kb)
Reply to PQ 1338 - Anti-Fraud Campaign by SARS (10kb)
Reply to PQ 1371 - VAT deregistration project of companies (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1523 - Compliance by taxpayers to provisional tax (10kb)
Reply to PQ 2070 - Whether any Taxi operators are registered with SARS (8kb)

Specialist Functions
Reply to PQ 1522 - Register of Tender defaulters (14kb)

Tax and Financial Sector Policy
Reply to PQ 25 - Dr George - Ombudsman short term insurance conference costs (14kb)
Reply to PQ 26 - DR DT George - Tranfer duty - Tax residential property (8kb)
Reply to PQ 35 - Dr George - Tax Policy (11kb)
Reply to PQ 37 - DT George - Surplus feedback (18kb)
Reply to PQ 105 - George - Pension fund act (8kb)
Reply to PQ 106 - George - Supervision RDF fund (9kb)
Reply to PQ 179 - George - Fsb rates late payments - interests (11kb)
Reply to PQ 372 - George - Financial advisors - fines (55kb)
Reply to PQ 447 - Mr NJJR Koornhof - Unlawful investment schemes (21kb)
Reply to PQ 478 - Dr DT George - Using of naedo system (7kb)
Reply to PQ 806 - Tighter control measures for Administration for financial sector officials (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1061 - Companies placed under curatorship by FSB (16kb)
Reply to PQ 1235 - Credit to business sector using private banks as intermediaries (83kb)
Reply to PQ 1326 - Progress in easing customer access to credit by banks (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1341 - Legislation to allow commercial banks to ease lending (10kb)
Reply to PQ 1342 - Measures to regulate multi-year payback agreement to senior bankers (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1424 - Whether Government intends introducing capital control (13kb)
Reply to PQ 1654 - Shaping the digital environment and broader economy (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1668 - Revenue to be raised through 2ckwh of fossil fuel (9kb)
Reply to PQ 1743 - Proposals on the implementation of local business tax (8kb)
Reply to PQ 1933 - Non-payment of contributions by Private Sector Provident Fund (11kb)
Reply to PQ 1934 - Scorecard that was introduced by the Pension Fund Adjidicator (18kb)
Reply to PQ 2071 - Request from information technology for tax reflief (7kb)
Reply to PQ 2243 - Increase in taxation to fund SA Broadcasting Corporation (8kb)

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