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Press Releases - 2022

21 Sep
Media Statement: Money Smart Week SA 2022 Outcomes (405kb)

12 Sep
Media Advisory - Medium Term Budget Policy Statement Date Confirmation (193kb)

02 Sep
Media Statement: Fourth Quarter Local Government Section 71 Report (1,349kb)

29 Aug
Media Statement: General Laws Amendment Bill (322kb)
General Laws (Anti-Money Laundering) (Bill No 18 of 2022) (155kb)

24 Aug
Media Statement: Investor Engagements Closed Period (121kb)

23 Aug
Media Advisory: 2022 GTAC Winter School (467kb)

19 Aug
Media statement: National Treasury and Financial Sector Conduct Authority Launch Money Smart Week South Africa 2022 (189kb)

16 Aug
Media Advisory: National Treasury and Financial Sector Conduct Authority Launch Money Smart Week South Africa 2022 (281kb)

05 Aug
Media statement: Minister of Finance Speaking Notes at Operation Vulindlela Q2 Report Launch (416kb)
Operation Vulindlela Progress Update Q2 2022 (635kb)

31 Jul
Media statement: Retirement Reform - Draft legislation for the Two-Pot system (281kb)

29 Jul
Media statement: Publication of the 2022 Draft Tax Bills for Public Comment (241kb)
S2022 Draft Tax Bills for Public Comment

28 Jul
FOA Call - Pre Budget Consultation (319kb)

25 Jul
Media Advisory: Workshop on the 30 Day Payment Annual Report (290kb)

22 Jul
Minister of Finance Speaking Notes: Mangaung Metro (128kb)

21 Jul
Media Advisory: Minister of Finance to visit Mangaung Municipality (297kb)

18 Jul
Media Statement: Annual Report on Non-Compliance with Payments (427kb)

15 Jul
Media Statement: Open Budget Index 2022 (311kb)

08 Jul
Media Statement: Government’s response to the rating action of Fitch Ratings (FITCH) (398kb)

07 Jul
Media Statement: Disaster Management Funding (241kb)

05 Jul
Media Statement: Statement on the Appointment of MR Mogajane as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of GEPF. (552)
Media Statement:Minister of Finance MR Enoch godongwana Meets With Swiss Counterpart MR Guy Parmelin to Inaugurate USD $3.5 Million Sustainable Long-Term Finance Facility Aimed at Climate Transition. (735kb)
Media Statement: Amendments to Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act (217kb)
Published Amendments to Reg 28 (303kb)
Regulation 28 Second Draft Comments Matrix (303kb)

29 Jun
Media Statement: Issuance of a Floating Rate Note and Revision of the Switch Auction Programme (293kb)

17 Jun
Media Statement: Appointment of Goldman Sachs International Bank as Primary dealer (291kb)

13 Jun
Media Statement: New Financing Agreement to Boost SA's COVID-19 Vaccination Program (300kb)
Media Statement: Publication of Regulations on Domestic Reverse Charge Relating To valuable Metal (300kb)
Regulations on Domestic Reverse Charge Relating to Valuable Metals, issued in terms of VAT Act 1991 - 13 June 2022 (487kb)
Explanatory Memorandum: Regulations on Domestic Reverse Charge Relating to Valuable Metal - 13 June 2022 (592kb)

08 Jun
Media Statement: Mr Ismail Momoniat appointed National Treasury Acting DG (288kb)

07 Jun
Media Statement: Response to IMF Staff visit (217kb)
South Africa - IMF Staff Completes Staff Visit to South Africa (303kb)

03 Jun
Media Statement: Local Government Revenue and Expenditure: Third Quarter Local Government Section 71 Report for the period: 1 January 2022 – 31 March 2022 (1,167kb)

31 May
Joint Media Statement: Extension of the Temporary Reduction in the General Fuel Levy (58kb)

30 May
Media Statement: Further communication on the Constitutional Court judgment regarding Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 (346kb)

20 May
Media Statement: Response to the rating action of S&P Global Ratings (370kb)

17 May
Media Advisory: National Treasury Budget Vote (290kb)

28 Apr
Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality Gazette (269kb)
Mangaung Municipality Gazette (303kb)

26 Apr
Keynote Address by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana at BMF Gala Dinner 26 April 2022 (326kb)
Media Statement: Bounce Back Support Scheme (297kb)
Bounce Back Scheme FAQs (615kb)

25 Apr
Media Statement: 2022 IMF World Bank Spring Meetings (424kb)

12 Apr
Media Statement: Two New Bonds Issued (308kb)

07 Apr
Media Statement: Director-Deneral Mr. Dondo Mogajane's Contract (281kb)

01 Apr
Media Statement: Procurement Infrastructure Knowledge Management Summit (208kb)
Media Statement: Green Finance Taxonomy (551kb)
Responses to Comments on the Draft Green Finance Taxonomy (186kb)
South African Green Finance Taxonomy - 1st Edition (4,670kb)
Media Statement: Revised draft rates and monetary amounts and amendment of revenue laws Bill (195kb)
Draft Rates and Monetary Amounts and Amendment of Revenue Laws Bill - 1 April 2022 (428kb)

31 Mar
Minister Enoch Godongwana Speech on Fuel Price Interventions (184kb)
Joint Media Statement on Fuel Pricing Measures (125kb)
Media Statement: Procurement Infrastructure Knowledge Management Summit (208kb)

29 Mar
Media Advisory: Top Up Retail Savings Bonds Launch (289kb)

28 Mar
Media Statement: Money Smart Week SA 2022 (154kb)
Financial Recovery Plan: Beaufort West Municipality (4,737kb)

25 Mar
Media Statement: 2022 Annual Policy Benefit Increase Submission (160kb)
Annexure A (290kb)
Annexure B (292kb)

23 Mar
Rationale for the Draft Preferential Procurement Regulations 2022 (158kb)
Comment template for Draft PPR 2022

14 Mar
Media Statement: Top Up Retail Savings Bonds (237kb)

11 Mar
Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017 Concourt judgment Steps taken by National Treasury (97kb)
Draft Preferential Procurement Regulations published for comment

09 Mar
Minister Godongwana Response to Budget Debate - 9 March (349kb)
Speaking Notes by DM Dr David Masondo at SCOPA (310kb)

04 Mar
Media Statement: Impact of Rebasing CPI Re-Weighting on Inflation-Linked Bonds (329kb)

03 Mar
National Treasury Advisory Note: Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 - Minister of Finance v Afribusiness NPC[2022] ZACC 4 (92kb)
Media Statement: US Treasury OFAC Listing of Alleged South Africa-Based Financial Facilitators (267kb)

25 Feb
Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 - Minister of Finance v Afribusiness NPC [2022] ZACC 4 (107kb)

17 Feb
Media Statement: Financial System Stability Assessment Report
FSAP Financial System Stability Assessment Feb 2022

14 Feb
Deputy Minister of Finance: SONA Debate Speech

11 Feb
Media Statement: Response to IMF Article IV Staff Report (489kb)
Article IV Press Release and Staff Report Feb 2022 (6,811kb)

28 Jan
Media Advisory: Budget 2022 Lock-Up Registration Open

26 Jan
Statement on the Publication of the 2021 Tax Acts and Accompanying Documentation

21 Jan
Media Statement: Publication of the 2021 Notice for the Renewable Energy Premium in Terms of the Carbon Tax Act (234kb)
Media Statement: Extension of Deadline for Public Comments (579kb)
Media Statement: World Bank Loan to South Africa (522kb)

20 Jan
Media Advisory: 2022 Budget Tips (410kb)

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