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Press Releases - 2018

08 Jan
Media statement: Warning regarding scammers (187kb)

20 Dec
Media Advisory: Colloquium on the Economy (164kb)
Media Statement: New Study Estimates 1 Billion Rand Revenue Loss, and Offers Way Forward (360kb)
Media Statement: New Research on Profit Shifting and Corporate Tax Avoidance. (363kb)

14 Dec
Media statement: Extension of SARS Acting Commissioner’s Term (366kb)

10 Dec
Media statement: Government’s response to the rating action by Fitch Ratings (277kb)
Media statement: Invitation to comment on the National Payment System Act Review policy paper (299kb)

30 Nov
Media statement: 2018 BRICS Finance and Central Banks Outcomes Document (302kb)
BRICS Finance and Central Bank Outcomes (512kb)
2nd Publication of BRICS PPP Frameworks (1,266kb)

26 Nov
Media Statement: Government Response to S&P's 2018 Rating Action (303kb)

21 Nov
Media Statement: Carbon Tax Bill Tabling (262kb)
Carbon Tax Bill 2018-B46-2018 (748kb)
Carbon Tax Bill Tabling - Annexure A (263kb)
Explanatory Memorandum to the 2018 Carbon Tax Bill - 20 Nov 2018 (841kb)

19 Nov
Media Statement: SOUTH AFRICA: Staff Concluding Statement of an IMF Staff Visit (213kb)

18 Nov
Media Statement: Minister of Finance appointed a trustee of AU Peace Fund (160kb)

16 Nov
Media Statement: Update on the NHI Bill (222kb)
Media Statement: Final Investigation Report on Eskom and Transnet (192kb)
Chapter I: Final Report: Forensic Investigation into Various Allegations at Transnet (4,234kb)
Chapter II: Mckinsey, Trillian and Regiments (4,079kb)
Chapter III: Report relating to Eskom investigations (2,004kb)

15 Nov
Media Statement: 2018 MTREF for SA municipalities (1,493kb)

08 Nov
Media Statement: Government negotiations between South Africa and Germany: New commitments for digital transformation and mobilising private capital (308kb)

01 Nov
Media Statement: Inviting Technical Tax Proposals for Annexure C of the 2019 Budget Review (137kb)

24 Oct
Media Advisory: Minister of Finance to hold a Media Conference (192kb)

05 Oct
Media Statement: Minister Nhlanhla Nene's message to fellow South Africans (194kb)

04 Oct
Media Advisory: Media Workshop 23 October 2018 (194kb)

03 Oct
Media Statement: Minister of Finance's statement at the State Capture Inquiry (1,771kb)
Annexure 1 SCI (4,653kb)
Annexure 2 SCI (4,408kb)
Annexure 3 SCI (3,073kb)
Annexure 4 SCI (3,333kb)
Annexure 5 SCI (1,997kb)
Annexure 6 SCI (1,154kb)

01 Oct
Media Statement: Debt Listing Requirements (505kb)

25 Sep
Media Statement: Financial Sector Laws Amendment Bill for public comment
Media Statement: Constitutional Court Case (MS Rosemary Hunter Vs FSB) (316kb)

19 Sep
Media Statement: Doing Business in South Africa 2018 (270kb)

04 Sep
Media Statement: Treating Bank Customers More Fairly: Invitation to comment on the South Africa Retail Banking Diagnostic (524kb)
Achieving Effective Financial Inclusion in South Africa (2,370kb)
SA Retail Banking Diagnostic Report (845kb)

03 Sep
Joint Media Statement: Publication of the draft report “Protecting the integrity and effectiveness of South African wholesale financial markets” for consultation
2018 Financial Markets Review (1,327kb)

16 Aug
Media Statement: Update on PIC issues

13 Aug
Media Statement: Government Spending

10 Aug
Media Statement: Release for public comment: Report by the Independent Panel on the review of the current list of zero-rated VAT items
VAT Panel: Recommendations on Zero Ratings in the Value-Added Tax System

07 Aug
Media Statement: Alleged Abuse of the 30% Subcontracting Requirements Provided for in the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017

03 Aug
Media Statement: Update on the Venda Pension Fund Matter

01 Aug
Media Statement: Joint Statement on the Transfer of SAA Act from Minister of Finance to Minister of Public Enterprises

31 Jul
Media Statement: VAT Panel Report

30 Jul
Media Statement: The International Monetary Fund Article IV Report for the 2018 Article IV Consultation with South Africa

29 Jul
Media Statement: Treasury Receives Draft Forensic Report on Tegeta

25 Jul
Media Statement: Statement on PIC Governance and Related Matters

23 Jul
Media Statement: Governance Issues at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC)

18 Jul
Media Statement: Announcement of the New Advisory Board of the Government Pensions Administration Agency

06 Jul
Media Statement: Minister of Finance Announced as Patron of Money Smart Week South Africa Campaign

03 Jul
Release of report: Inaugural Intergovernmental FinTech Working Group Workshop
Inaugural Intergovernmental FinTech Working Group Workshop Report - April 2018

29 Jun
Media Alert: 2018 Public Economics winter school to get underway

26 Jun
Media Statement: Commencement date for the Insurance Act no. 18 of 2017

22 Jun
Media Statement: The 2018 Public Service Wage Agreement

17 Jun
Media Statement: Extension of SARS Acting Commissioner's term

15 Jun
Media Statement: Government’s response to the rating action of Fitch Ratings (Fitch)

07 Jun
Media Statement: National Treasury's responds to EFF attack

29 May
Media Statement: Amendment to the terms of reference for the Independent panel of experts for the review of current list of VAT zero rated food items
Terms of reference for the Independent panel of experts for the review of current list of VAT zero rated food items

25 May
Media Statement: Government’s response to the rating action of S&P’s Global Ratings (S&P)

16 May
Media Statement: Postponement of the fourth quarter presentation to the Standing Committee on Finance (SCOF)
Media Statement: Republic of South Africa issues two new bonds in the International Capital Markets

10 May
Media Statement: Public Financial Management Conference underway
Media Statement: Call for Submissions - The independent panel of experts to review the current list of vat zero-rated items

25 Apr
Media Statement: Terms of Reference for the Independent Panel of Experts for the Review of Current List of VAT Zero Rated Food Items

16 Apr
Media Statement: Government’s Response to the Rating Action of Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I)

10 Apr
Media Statement: Appointment of Mr Monale Ratsoma as NDB Director-General

29 Mar
Media Statement: Establishment of an Independent Panel of Experts to Consider and Review the Current List of VAT Zero-Rated Food Items

28 Mar
Media Statement: Publication for Comment on the Draft Foreign Member Funds Framework

23 Mar
Media Statement: Government’s response to the rating action of Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s)

20 Mar
Media Statement: Appointment of Mark Kingon as acting Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service

11 Mar
Media Statement: Treasury’s Response to the VBS Mutual Bank Matter

08 Feb
Media Statement: Illicit request for payment of services

05 Feb
Media Advisory: 2018 National Budget Tips - Make your opinion known and ideas heard

02 Feb
Media Statement: National Treasury’s views on Viceroy’s Capitec Report

31 Jan
Media Statement: South Africa Comes First in the 2017 Open Budget Index Survey

19 Jan
Media Statement: Naming Competition Results: Online Budget Data Portal

17 Jan
Media Advisory: Pre-World Economic Forum Breakfast

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