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Press Releases - 2014

23 Dec
Media Statement: Release of Davis Tax Committee first interim report on BEPS for public comment (225kb)

22 Dec
Media Statement: Ministry of Finance on transfer of SAA (187kb)
Transfer of SAA: Government Gazette (575kb)

20 Dec
Media Statement: Statement by the Minister of Finance on events at the SA Revenue Service (SARS) (122kb)

19 Dec
Media Statement: New date for release of final regulations on the demarcation between Health Insurance Policies and Medical Schemes (192kb)

13 Dec
Media Statement: Response to ratings actions by Standard and Poor’s and Fitch (166kb)

12 Dec
Media Statement: Market making obligations by primary dealers in RSA Government Bonds during December 2014 and January 2015 (38kb)

11 Dec
Media Statement and related documents: TWIN PEAKS: Second draft of Financial Sector Regulation Bill and draft Market Conduct Policy Framework discussion document published for comment (321kb)
Media Statement: Appointment of PIC CEO and reappointment of Director of the Financial Intelligence Centre (161kb)
Media Statement: Transfer of administrative powers relating to SAA from the Minister of Public Enterprises to the Minister of Finance (153kb)
Media Statement: Minister Nene on the appointment of the Chairperson and the CEO of the Land Bank (164kb)
Media Statement: International Monetary Fund publishes assessment of South African economy (177kb)

28 Nov
Press Statement: National Treasury issues a multi-billion rand project to integrate all government systems (115kb)

27 Nov
Press Release: Mid-Term Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Report (302kb)

17 Nov
Media Advisory: Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene will tomorrow brief the media on the outcomes of the G20 Summit. The Minister’s remarks will focus on G20 outcomes on infrastructure. (160kb)

14 Nov
Media Statement: Publication of the draft Notice and Regulations for tax free savings accounts to encourage individuals to save (159kb)

06 Nov
Media Statement: Moody’s Investors Service downgrades South Africa’s credit ratings and revises the outlook to stable (158kb)

04 Nov
Joint Media Release by the National Treasury and the South African Revenue Service: Release of the 2014 Tax Statistics Bulletin (382kb)
Inviting technical Tax proposals for Annexure c of the 2015 Budget Review (102kb)

30 Oct
Media Statement: Joint statement by U.S. Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew and Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene (169kb)
Media Statement: R&I downgrades South Africa’s credit ratings, outlook stable (160kb)

16 Oct
Media Statement: Revised Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 2014, Revised Draft Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill, 2014, and Response Document (110kb)

19 Sep
Media Statement: Electronic Trading Platform for RSA Government Bonds (305kb)
Media Advisory: MTBPS 2014 (161kb)

18 Sep
User Alert: Monitoring of virtual currencies (107kb)

17 Sep
Media Statement: South Africa concludes debut sukuk bond (107kb)

14 Sep
Press Release: Government announces package to close Eskom funding gap (112kb)

03 Sep
Invitation to attend a Consumer Credit Insurance workshop (145kb)

29 Aug
Press Release: Local Government Revenue and Expenditure: Fourth Quarter Local Government Section 71 Report (Preliminary Results) For the period: 1 July 2013 – 30 June 2014 (526kb)

25 Aug
Media Statement: Ministry of Finance warns of fake Facebook accounts and other scams (158kb)

15 Aug
Media Statement: National Treasury announces new plans for the Jobs Fund (153kb)

30 Jul
Joint Media Statement by the Ministers of Finance and Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) on the Consolidated General Report on Local Government Audit Outcome for 2012/13 (358kb)

28 Jul
Media Statement: Conditional hand-over of the Limpopo administration to the Provincial Executive (179kb)

18 Jul
Media Statement: South Africa launches two bonds in international capital markets (150kb)

17 Jul
Media Statement: 2014 Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill and draft Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill (122kb)
2014 Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill and draft Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill documents
Media Statement: Establishment of BRICS Development Bank and CRA at sixth BRICS summit (42kb)

14 Jul
Media Statement: Release of Davis Tax Committee SME report for public comment (213kb)
Davis Tax Committee SME Report for Public Comment - 14 July 2014 (634kb)

11 Jul
Media Statement: Proposed amendments to Insurance Binder regulations for public comment (125kb)
Insurance Binder Regulations Notice (1,325kb)

09 Jul
Press Release: Statement on the Impact of the Proposed Retirement Reforms (162kb)
FAQ on Retirement Reform (257kb)
The National Treasury has extended the deadline for submission of comments on the second draft Demarcation Regulations to 31 July 2014 from 7 July 2013 (440kb)

04 Jul
Press Release: Proposed regulations for over-the-counter derivatives (177kb)
Proposed regulations for over-the-counter derivatives policy statement and Draft FMA Regulation for public comment

03 Jul
Media Statement: Request for public comment on a Technical Report on the Consumer Credit Insurance Market in South Africa (197kb)
Technical Report on the Consumer Credit Insurance Market in South Africa and related documents

30 Jun
Media Statement: Appointment of Rand Merchant Bank, ABSA/Barclays, and Citi Bank as joint-lead managers and Investec as co-lead manager to arrange the issuance of a foreign currency denominated bond (163kb)

13 Jun
Media Statement: Standard and Poor’s lowers South Africa’s ratings, revises outlook to stable (167kb)
Media Statement: Fitch affirms South Africa’s long-term foreign and local currency ratings, revises outlook to negative from stable (140kb)

11 Jun
Media Release: Local Government Revenue and Expenditure: Third Quarter Local Government - Section 71 Report - For the period: 1 July 2013 – 31 March 2014 (226kb)

10 Jun
Media Statement: 2014 Rates and Monetary Amounts and Amendment of Revenue Laws Bill and First Batch of the draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (99kb)
Rates and Monetary Amounts and Amendment of Revenue Laws Bill, 2014 and Explanatory Memorandum
First Batch of the Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 2014 for public comments

06 Jun
Press Release: 2013/14 Provincial Budgets: Fourth Quarter Year to Date Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Report (Preliminary Outcome) (338kb)

04 Jun
Media Statement: Finance Ministry position on candidates for AfDB President (75kb)

02 Jun
Media Statement: The Davis Tax Committee calls for submissions (318kb)

26 May
Press Release: Minister of Finance warns of fake twitter account (97kb)

22 May
Press Release: Extension of the deadline: Hedge funds draft regulations (288kb)

05 May
Media Release: A review of the taxation of alcoholic beverages in South Africa: Request for public comments

30 Apr
Media Release: Release of the second draft regulations on the demarcation between health insurance policies and medical schemes

29 Apr
Media Statement: Alternate measures to replace the Insurance Laws Amendment Bill (131kb)
Annexure to the Insurance Law Amendment Bill (1,481kb)
Press Release: Carbon offsets paper for public comments

16 Apr
Press Release: Release of Draft Hedge Fund Regulations

07 Apr
Media Release: South Africa welcomes announcement of Nigeria as biggest economy in Africa (98kb)
Media Statement: Minister Gordhan officially launches Tax Ombud's Office (156kb)

03 Apr
SARS Media Release: Specifications for the reporting of information under FATCA, AEOI and domestic law (267kb)
Media Statement: Update on negotiations with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. (319kb)

02 Apr
Media Advisory: Finance Minister to launch office of the Tax Ombud (83kb)

28 Mar
Press Release: Final electronic services regulation published (46kb)
Government Gazette 37489: Regulations prescribing services for the purpose of the definition of "Electronic Services" (561kb)

18 Mar
Media Statement: Forensic Report on Electoral Commission (123kb)

14 Mar
Press Release and Related documents: Further details on the 2014 Budget announcements on retirement reform and non-retirement tax free savings products

26 Feb
Media Statement: 2014 Budget continues to support economic growth and job creation (283kb)
Media Release: SA's economic prospects increasingly tied to African continent's (126kb)
Media Statement: Expenditure aimed at supporting families and communities remains largest share of the Budget (214kb)

20 Feb
Media Statement: Obligation of primary dealers in fixed rate government bonds to improve liquidity in the secondary market on the R2030 (8.00%: 2030) bond (38kb)
Media Release: South Africa to attend G20 meetings of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Australia (109kb)

19 Feb
Media Statement: Commencement date for the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act, 2013 (Act no. 45 of 2013) (175kb)
Government Gazette No. 37351: Commencement of Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act, 2013 (Act no. 45 of 2013) (390kb)

10 Feb
Press Release: The regulation of Hedge Funds in South Africa: Update and the Release of the Comments and Response Document by the National Treasury and Financial Services Board (206kb)
Annexure A - Hedge Funds Comments Matrix (1,201kb)
Annexure B - Hedge Funds Structures (131kb)

30 Jan
Media Statement: Electronic Services Regulation: Request for public comments (102kb)
Electronic Services Regulation (218kb)

20 Jan
Media Advisory: Update on Draft Financial Sector Regulation Bill (73kb)

20 Jan
Media Advisory: 2014 Budget (156kb)

19 Jan
Media Release: South African Ministers to update global business leaders on implementation of NDP at the World Economic Forum Annual Summit (206kb)

17 Jan
Media Release: Tips for Budget 2014 (234kb)

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